10 Tips For Coping With Shared House Kitchen

10 Tips For Coping With Shared House Kitchen | There are many condominiums in Queenstown that you can rent from. 

Renting the whole unit will be much easier as you own the whole unit to yourself and not sharing with strangers. 

The biggest horror that most people will tell you when it comes to sharing a unit with strangers is - shared kitchen. 

Indeed, when you share a house with strangers, the kitchen becomes a shared place, as well as the dining area and living area. 

Sharing a kitchen can be quite catastrophic especially when your housemates are inconsiderate. It can even be a nightmare. 

10 Tips For Coping With Shared House Kitchen

sharing a kitchen

1. Hire a weekly cleaner

If you are sharing a unit with several people, hiring a cleaner will not add too much burden to everyone’s budget on top of the rental as the cost of hiring will be split among a few people. 

Having a weekly cleaner to clean the common area such as kitchen, dining room, living room, bathroom will save you from a lot of hassles. 

In addition, your unit will be clean and neat. That being said, it is definitely worthwhile to hire a weekly cleaner.

2. Have a roster

Having a roster does not guarantee that roster will work, but there is no harm trying. Allocate a timetable for everyone, say once a week to clean the kitchen or the bathroom. 

Give the kitchen or the bathroom a good scrub and cleaning.  Make sure the roster is equal and fair to avoid any unwanted fights and arguments.

3. Like minded housemates

Make sure you are staying with like minded housemates. If you are a person with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) who cannot stand seeing a bowl sitting in the sink.

It is advisable that you do not live with people who are very relaxed and chilled. 

Similarly, if you are a very relaxed and chilled person, think twice before you move in and stay with housemates that have OCD. 

Living with people on the same frequency will make your stay a happier experience.

4. Keep your things separate

Let us say your housemates are dirty and constantly using your things, it is best that you keep them in your own room. 

Take your cup and plate to the kitchen, use them, clean them and bring them back to your own room. 

If you do not want to have any arguments regarding housemates using your belongings, it is best that you keep them safe in your own room.

5. Be reasonable

Being reasonable can be hard sometimes, especially when things do not go your way. Your housemates might leave a saucepan to soak in the sink for a couple of days. 

Although it can be really annoying, try to remind yourself that it is not such a big deal. Be reasonable and understanding, especially if your housemate has been great most of the time.

6. One plate system

Have a one plate system in the house. Each member of the house will only get a cup and a plate. 

That being said, if they want to use their plate and cup, they will need to make sure that the plate and cup are always clean and ready to use as they will not be any extra for them. 

This system will normally work well if you are living with many people or shared environment such as hostel.

7. Name and shame

This is not advisable but sometimes it can be really useful. If you know who cooked and refused to clean the kitchen top and dishes, you can go ahead to name and shame the person. 

This is useful for people who have always taken kindness for granted. Let them know that their actions are known within the house and it might help to prevent such incidents from happening again.

8. Cleaning roster on a usage system

If you happen to have a housemate that is not in most of the time, it is considerate for you to do most of the cleaning as the housemate might only use the kitchen twice in a month, whereas you have been using the kitchen on a daily basis.

9. Clean as you go

If there are many people cooking dinners at the same time, you can fill ip the sink with soap water so it will be easier for people to clean as they go.

10. Make the rules clear

Nobody is perfect. Everyone has their own sets of standards regarding cleaning. Therefore, it is important to have a set of rules that everyone is well aware of. 

Make a list and stick it on the common notice board or refrigerator where everyone is able to see. While some people are very chilled and relax, some might not be. 

Hence, the importance of having house rules.

In conclusion, it can be quite a pleasant stay if you follow the above tips. Most importantly, try to communicate with your housemates to prevent any unpleasant incidents from happening in the same house. 

After all, you guys are housemates and will most probable see each other a lot.


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