How to Choose the Right Color Bodysuit for Your Outfit

How to Choose the Right Color Bodysuit for Your Outfit | Colors can have different effects on how you look. Some can complement your skin tone and others can actually make you look slimmer!

Feelingirl offers a variety of seamless shapewear in different colors. This article is all about what color bodysuit you can choose for your outfit.

1. Neutral for Versatility

Neutral bodysuits go with everything! You can have a few pieces in neutral shades and wear them under all kinds of outfits. Beige, whites, and blacks are reusable and you can put them on every day, over and over again.

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2. Match with your Outerwear

Mostly, you need to match your bodysuit with your outerwear. If you wear white under a gorgeous black dress, it will look odd. 

In fact, you can easily ruin your look with mismatched bodysuits and outerwear.

So, make sure your bodysuit either compliments the color of your outerwear or matches perfectly with it. 

Black over black, white over white, or pink over pink keep things discreet and you look stylish and sophisticated.

3. Show your Personal Style

Sometimes, there are no rules when it comes to the color of bodysuit. You give preference to your own style and choice. 

You may wear a lacy slimming bodysuits that peeks a little from under your dress to show off the beautiful style. Likewise, you can go for bold contrasting colors for your bodysuit and outerwear.

All of these are great choices if these make you feel happy, comfortable, and confident.

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4. No Clashing Colors

If you want to fit in, make sure the colors of your bodysuit and outer dress do not clash. This can be a bad fashion choice and may make you look poorly dressed. 

For instance, of you wear a bold colored, printed bodysuit under a sophisticated dress, you will be turning heads towards yourself, but for the wrong reasons!

So, do give preference to your personal style, but don’t go for options that will never ever look nice. Stick to neutrals or a classic black bodysuit.

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5. Consider your Skin Tone

If you want your shapewear to be discreet, you need to choose a bodysuit that goes with your skin tone. That way, it will just look like your skin and no one will ever know what you are wearing inside.

But, you can also mix and match your bodysuits with your outwear. In this case, you can choose colors that suit your skin tone. 

Put on the best slimming bodysuits as your top and wear a pair of jeans along with a jacket to give yourself a super-stylish makeover.

seamless shapewear

6. Match with Undergarments

It is also important to consider the color of your underwear when you choose your bodysuit. If you want things to stay hidden, make sure everything is matching and is in nude shades.

Final Words

There are so many color options for bodysuits at Feelingirl. It’s better to choose nudes that’s a really safe option. 

But no one will stop you from expressing your personal style. So you can experiment and go for the colors and textures you like.

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