Best Hair Treatments for Healthy Hair in Rawang, Malaysia

Best Hair Treatments for Healthy Hair in Rawang, Malaysia | The crowning glory of any female is her hair. That is why we must approach it with extreme caution. 

Hair may be damaged by a variety of factors, including severe brushing, chemical treatments, and excessive heat exposure from hair dryers.

Hair treatment solutions carefully designed by haircare specialists are the most convenient approach to deal with these concerns. 

There's no need to rush to the salon because you can take care of your hair from the comfort of your own home.

While it’s not necessary to seek hair treatment advice from a professional, it can definitely help if you consult a reputable hair salon that has consistently delivered result. One of them is Evon Unforgettable Hair Stylist situated in Rawang.

You can contact this hair salon through their phone number: 03-6092 8335 or visit them at 17, Jalan Mawar 1, Taman Mawar, Kampung Melayu Batu 16, 48000 Rawang, Selangor.

Phyto RE30 Grey Hair Treatment

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The Phyto RE30 Grey Hair Treatment can make you look and feel younger. There's no need to buy a fresh hair dye with the PHYTO RE30, the first anti-grey treatment technology. 

The RE30 peptide stimulates the creation of natural pigment in the hair while also preserving it against potential depigmentation. 

Your hair not only regains its original color, but it also becomes softer and stronger.

Of course, you won't be able to avoid grey hair indefinitely. Time will always catch up with you, but knowing that there is a product to rely on to at least slow down the indications of aging is comforting.

Who'd have guessed you could have your hair pigmented without having to make a salon appointment or physically colouring your hair? PHYTO RE30 is really fast and simple to use! Simply spray once a day (8 pumps total) and you'll see incredible improvements after a few weeks of use.

Kerastase Discipline Masque Curl Ideal

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Curls may be tough to maintain — some people choose to have their hair straightened because they are too stubborn. 

That, however, should not be the case. Kerastase Discipline Masque Curl Ideal embraces your curly hair. This one-of-a-kind deep-treatment mask combines Pro-Keratin and Elastine to improve hair volume and frizz control. 

From the root to the tip, each of your hair fibers will get stronger! In no time, you'll have bouncy, easy-to-style curls thanks to this product. It's also been shown to work on thick to extremely thick hair.

Pantene Miracles Vita-Fusion Night Treatment

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With Pantene Miracles Vita-Fusion Night Treatment, you may indulge in an intensive hair pampering experience. 

Give your strands a vacation from the hot styling salon tools that might damage your hair by having your hair maintained at home. 

This product is formulated with Pantene's core ingredient, Liposhot, to repair damaged hair overnight so you may wake up with cashmere-smooth, silky hair. 

Furthermore, it contains 10x Potent Pro-V Formula, which nourishes your hair 10 times more than traditional hair mask components. 

The addition of fresh apples and rose smells might make you feel like you're getting a professional hair treatment at a spa.

Dove Nutritive Solutions Treatment Mask

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What we don't realize is that there are a slew of common elements that might harm our hair. Brushing too hard, sun damage, and poor cleaning are just a few of the issues. 

Use the Dove Nutritive Solutions Treatment Mask to make your hair 10 times more resistant to damage. Over time, hair strands will get stronger and healthier. 

This creamy, delicious mask is enriched with Keratin Cure Actives and is proven to repair any hair damage on the inside and out.

SOME BY MI Cica Peptide Anti Hair Loss Scalp Tonic

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The SOME BY MI Cica Peptide Anti Hair Loss Scalp Tonic is a very popular hair treatment product in Malaysia, with perfect 5 stars (out of 852 reviews and 1.5k units sold). 

This hair tonic will relax and soothe your scalp that has been too stressed by external influences, thanks to high concentrations of cica, a life-changing K-beauty ingredient that works best for sensitive skins.

Furthermore, it has a refreshing chilly sensation, allowing you to use it anytime you like.

For a better nourished scalp, this hair tonic is supplemented with several types of peptides and a unique Black complex. 

It's a delightful combination of all your favorite black skincare components, such as blackberry, black bean, and black sesame, to name a few. Possible hair loss might be reduced as your scalp grows healthier.


For practical and efficient hair treatment products, we strongly suggest Phyto. The fact that they provide formulae that are up to 100 percent natural is an added plus.

In the past, you could only buy a hair treatment product in a retail store in Malaysia, but today you can buy them online for the maximum convenience and even get discounts. 

When it comes to beauty goods, Shopee is my go-to. It's also a good site to compare hair care product prices in Malaysia.

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