5 Tourist Attractions In Malaysia Represent Countries Around The World

Everyone definitely wants to visit several countries in the world. But if you want to do the trip, it takes a lot of money. 

But don't worry, there are other alternatives. You can go around the world only from Malaysia!

This country with a monarchical government system, in fact has various tourist attractions that are similar to locations in several countries of the world

Such as India, Europe, China, Morocco and others. This can be an alternative to cheap vacations that feel like traveling around the world.

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The following are recommendations for unique tourist attractions similar to several countries in the world.

5 Unique Attractions To Visit In Malaysia

1. Astaka Morocco

Tourist attraction in Malaysia

Want to feel a typical Moroccan atmosphere on a low budget? Astaka Morocco could be a solution.

There is a pavilion that was deliberately built as a symbol of cultural cooperation between Morocco and Malaysia.

Magribi nuances are combined with buildings with Islamic ornaments and designs, making this a suitable place to relax and seek tranquility. 

From here, you can also learn a lot about Islam, through the stories told on the buildings and the relief images that are imprinted here.

Astaka Morocco is also equipped with a river that crosses directly the Putrajaya Grand Mosque, a bridge and the Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin Mosque. 

Beautiful nuances from the African gardens that are here. Ready to make your mind fresh again. Astaka Morocco is located at Presint 1, 62000 Putrajaya, Malaysia.

2. Snowalk

Tourist attraction in Malaysia

Want to feel the snow this December and January? You don't have to go all the way to the country of the four seasons. 

Simply visit Snowalk in Malaysia. Prepare yourself with winter clothes if you visit here.

Because of the snowfall, ice rides and other things related to ice will welcome visitors who come.

Snowalk has a fairly large capacity, with a capacity of 1000 people. Snowalk is located in the heart of i-City.

Children will definitely enjoy playing here. Because there are many statues made of ice that are similar to the characters in the cartoon Thomas The Tank Engine and Ice Age. 

There are also ice labyrinths and ice thrones. There are also ice trains and ski zones that are interesting to try.

This ice tourism destination opens at 11.00 from Monday to Friday. While on holidays it opens at 10.00 with a ticket price of RM 50 for one person.

3. Little India Brickfields

Tourist attraction in Malaysia

Want to feel the nuances of Bollywood like in Indian films? Little India Brickfields can be an interesting Indian-style place that can be visited if you are in Malaysia. 

The location is in the western part of Kuala Lumpur. The thing that makes this location quite similar to India is the activities of its citizens.

Many people come to temples and other Hindu buildings to pray. There are also many vendors selling religious knick-knacks here. 

The atmosphere here is also similar to New Delhi with a variety of buildings to the feel of florists similar to those in India. If you go here, don't forget to taste the typical delicious culinary delights.

4. Petaling Street

Tourist attraction in Malaysia

The feel of Chinatown is thick in Petaling Street. This tourist destination in Malaysia, which is similar to China, is a shopping center. 

Anything can be found here. Starting from clothes, culinary, incense for Chinese worship to jewelry.

There is also the famous Chan See Shu Yuen Temple. The religious building was built in 1906. Chinese coffee which is rich in spices is a dish that visitors must try if they are here. 

All kinds of Chinese food-style culinary delights are also complete and can be found along Petaling Street.

5. George Town

Tourist attraction in Malaysia

The multicultural nuance is always interesting to dive into. Georgetown is one of them. This historical center city in Malaysia is also listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

This city has existed since the 17th century.

Various historical buildings with a total of more than 1,700 located in the Core Zone with unique architecture can be found by visitors on foot or by car to be able to see the uniqueness of this city.

There are many interesting photo spots with a mix of art and history that can be used as instagrammable photo backgrounds. 

For couples, the love alley might be a romantic and preferred location. There are also refreshing views of the sea around the harbor.

Are you interested in visiting some unique tourist attractions similar to several world countries in Malaysia? 

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